My entire crew and I are settling into hibernation as the “new normal”. My toddlers have been adjusting to it all surprisingly well perhaps because my husband has also been working from home. Or maybe, it is because we have been having a TON of silly, family fun!Ā šŸ˜Ā Here are some of the activities that we are enjoying during “hibernation” aka quarantine:

My kiddos and I are taking extra precautions amidst all of the the pestilence floating around right now. This means no homeschool field trips and avoiding all unnecessary errands. My toddlers hate it, but it is for their good (since they routinely like to eat their hands and laugh to my horror). Here are some of the activities that we are enjoying during “hibernation” aka quarantine:

Even the best of us fail sometimes. We can forget to doubly clad our families on cold days (Proverbs 31:21). We can exasperate our children (Colossians 3:21). We can snap at our children and fail to extend Godā€™s grace to them after God has been so gracious to us (Matthew 18:21-35). However, the guilty feeling that usually follows these failings is not one to be suppressed or glossed over with the help of wine (like some cultural influencers might tell you).

Last week, the “SBC this Week” podcast interviewed J.D. Greear, the current President of the Southern Baptist Convention. During the interview, he listed his goals for the convention of churches, one of which was to ‘get women off the sidelines‘. WhileĀ President Greear sounds genuinely committed to helping women, thisĀ goal really bothered me as a biblically-faithful mama. What was he trying to say? When I amĀ ministering in my home, am I not a good ‘partner in the Gospel’ and serving where God wants me to be? Is the work done outside the home the only Gospel work that matters?