When I quit doing yoga and resolved to remove all things Veda from my Christian life, I didn’t quite know what to do about my fitness routine. The vedic way of thought had infected a lot of fitness programs! However, after several months “clean”, I wanted to share my five best practices with you all. Hopefully, they will help you all too in honoring God with your “temple maintenance routines” ūüėČ

This week, my SBC church tried to launch a Holy Yoga class and I almost lost it. Before last September,¬†I had honestly never given much attention to Yoga’s roots. I just started doing it during high school as one form of exercise. The DVDs & mats were pretty inexpensive and it worked to tone my lower body (win-win, right). However, my husband and I were flabbergasted to discover in September just how nefarious yoga actually was.

Anti-natalism is back with some new coat of paint, but its proponents are still making the same old, ugly (ungodly) arguments. As biblically-faithful Christians, we cannot now allow these parties to talk us (or our neighbors) out of fulfilling God‚Äôs explicit instructions: ‚ÄúBe fruitful, multiply, fill the earth,¬†and subdue it. Rule¬†the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and every creature that crawls¬†on the earth.” (Gen. 1:28)