Hey Jude!

Here’s our best 2020 surprise! You’re welcome for the cute baby pics 😉

I figured out that I was pregnant around the on set of COVID-19. At that point, strict lockdowns and social distancing recommendations made it impractical to see our families. So, my husband and I decided that we would tell our families after this thing blew over in the summertime.

However, as you all know all too well, COVID didn’t blow over. And to make matters worse, studies started coming out about serious pregnancy complications caused by COVID and the elevated fatality risk for older people (especially African Americans with preexisting conditions). Everyone was worried, scared, and stressed out—including us. Plus, travel, family gatherings, and parties became out of the question for most of our family members.

So, my husband and I came up with a crazy idea. What if we had a surprise baby? There would be less worries for most of the people who would eventually meet him (even though they all now claim that they would’ve just prayed 😉). And as a fun perk, we could have the ultimate baby reveal.

So surprise! Meet Jude, our 2020 surprise to the world. What a beautiful way to wrap up this crazy year 😝

Taken by Mr. Reed using an iPhone

P.S. In case you were wondering: When we revealed him via FaceTime from the hospital, everyone was joyfully surprised (and only slightly mad)—including us since he was born 4 weeks early. Only fitting hahaha