What are We Reading? May 2020 Edition

Being an author, I naturally love reading. Fortunately, my husband and kiddos are avid readers as well. Here is what we are into this month:

This month, we are trying to keep pushing to the end of our homeschool school year. However, my pupils/kiddos are a tad bit grumpy after all of this quarantining. So please keep us in your prayers.

After my son and daughter memorized ABC: What can she be, my daughter adopted a new ABC book to memorize–“T is for Tiger” by Laura Watkins. The animal names are a little trickier to memorize and pronounce (like U is for Urial), but she is really enjoying learning facts about different animals around the world, in addition to learning new ‘x is for blah blah’ to randomly blurt out at dinner.

You can never have too many smart ABC books for your kiddos to memorize!

My son decided to memorize “My First 100 Words” by Robert Priddy. Fortunately for him, the grid format of the book, clear pictures, and the simple vocabulary really lends itself to quick memorization. He now recites it to me nearly every time that I change his diaper.

This version is small so that it fits in a toddler’s hands.

My husband is still wading through economic data and stock research, trying to figure out where the economy goes from here. He is perplexed by the lingering shutdowns and economic disparities in the recovery.

I have been super inspired to write this past month or so. So, I drafted several children’s books and am looking forward to shopping them for publishing in the coming months. Hopefully, I will be able to share more news with y’all soon 🙂

What are you and your crew reading this month? Have any recommendations for us? Please share your thoughts & responses below!