10 Productively Fun Things to Do while Staying at Home

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

‘Staying at home & working safe’ means a lot more flex time at home. By this point, you have probably caught up on all the good TV shows and are growing a little restless in the evening (like my husband and I). Check out this list of productive ideas to fill your idle evenings and Saturdays. If you stick with them, you will have some amazing skills and work products to show off as the quarantine subsides (because one day it will 🙂 ):

  1. Make a SMART goals list (or dig out your last list). Brainstorm a list of ways that you can prepare to accomplish these goals. Then start marching down your action list.
  2. Write a book. Good books are written one word at a time. Just keep writing and you will eventually have something to show for it
  3. Digitally partner with a friend and illustrate his/her book. Divide the work and conquer creating a picture/comic book.
  4. Write a business plan. Stop discussing that same business idea and never moving it forward. Use online help tools as your guide and write down your vision for the business. With a feasible plan in hand, you are just a few steps away from starting your own business venture.
  5. Learn a new skill on YouTube. From braiding to woodworking, the sky is the limit for what you can learn for free on YouTube.
  6. Perfect your makeup application. Your mornings will go so much smoother when you can confidently and quickly apply your makeup.
  7. Give yourself a relaxing face mask. Healthy skin takes time and care. Share a little of your extra time with your skin and watch it gradually look healthier.
  8. Use the products that you bought and never make time for (I.e. foot massager, tea kettles, and craft kits). Look in the back of the coat closet and in the basement. These idle objects like to lurk in clutter corners. Select one to redeem and give it a whirl. You’ve got the time 😉
  9. Cook a special dish that takes a long time to prepare. Make an extra special bunker meal and/or bake a special family dessert. A little extra work in the kitchen can score big comfort points with your bunker mates. My crew definitely loved the sweet potato pie that I baked this week 🙂
  10. Plant extra gospel seeds through quality time with your kiddos/housemates. This of course, is a last but not least action item. Christians should always be evangelizing–even especially at home with your little unbelievers. Be consistent (and maybe a little extra creative) with your family worship sessions and be prepared to share gospel lessons on demand.

What have you been doing with your new found idle time? Did you try out some of the ideas on my list? Let me know your thoughts & comments below!