7 Activities for “Hibernating” with Toddlers

My kiddos and I are taking extra precautions amidst all of the the pestilence floating around right now. This means no homeschool field trips and avoiding all unnecessary errands. My toddlers hate it, but it is for their good (since they routinely like to eat their hands and laugh to my horror). Here are some of the activities that we are enjoying during “hibernation” aka quarantine:

Themed Story Time/Day: Make today a themed occasion! Pick a set of stories or one of your kiddos’ favorite books and do activities related to the book all day. For instance, “Green Eggs & Ham” Day: Wear/color tall hats like the grumpy man, eat green eggs and ham (maybe in a homemade cardboard house/boat 😉 ), and read the story with silly voices.

Baking Muffins: No freezer can have too many muffins. The flavors and eating occasions for them are endless! My toddlers love stirring the dry ingredients, loading the blender full of wet ingredients, and pushing buttons everywhere as required. Just remember to cook with your toddlers only after they have been “snacked”. Hangry toddlers (and big people) are terrible chefs 😝

Extended bath time: My kiddos love a good bubble bath. Add some extra toys (or kitchen plastics) and let the good times roll!

Correspondence Art: Make art for others and then text/email them a picture of it (to prevent sending germs in the mail).

Dance time: Sing some nursery rhymes and break out your silliest dance moves. Toddlers love ‘tipping their tea pots over’ and ‘rolling on the bus’.

Phone a friend: Call a grandparent or another family friend and let your kiddos say hello. They are social little beings and sometimes want to mix up their social interactions (just like big people).

Emergency outing: Sometimes toddlers have too many pent up wiggles. You know that moment where they have crazy eyes and are actively trying to destroy your house? If that occurs, take a walk/run on an open trail–no playground, no socializing, just walking (or scooting).

General Tips:

  • Take it slow! There is no need to rush. Sip your coffee/tea. You are on lockdown!
  • Don’t stress about constantly cleaning up. The toys will occasionally look like a mess. Clean them up before naps, leaving a room, and/or before bedtime.
  • Take care of yourself too! Take a little time for a nighttime face mask or a little treat for yourself. You will need to recharge in order to continue pouring out love and snuggles (not grow resentment and exhaustion).
  • Treasure up these extra snuggles in your heart. Quarantine and pestilence can be a blessing from God if you change your perspective.

How are you & your crew riding out the virus? Share your thoughts and ideas down below in the comments!