What are We Reading? January 2020 Edition

Being an author, I naturally love reading. Fortunately, my husband and kiddos are avid readers as well. Here is what we are into this month:

My daughter’s book favorite at the moment is If Picasso Painted a Snowman by Amy & Greg Newbold. She loves interacting with all of the beautiful snowman pictures (as prompted by the text). This book was the star of our homeschool lessons a few weeks ago and helped expose the kiddos to different styles of art. We then followed up our artsy reading with a trip to the Museum of Fine Art.


My son just turned two and has become a dinosaur fanatic. I don’t know how or why it happened, but this sensitivity/phase seems to be here to stay. So lately, I have been roaring along with him and reading him dinosaur books. His absolute favorite is I’m a Hungry Dinosaur by Janeen Brian. The lack of commas upsets me as a grammarian. However, he loves the rhyme and rhythm–especially when the story is read in a “dinosaur voice”.


My husband finished Orthodox Radicals. He highly recommends it to those interested in “baptist” history. He has also been immersed in neighborhood research and crime maps as we continue looking for a new home. (We finally sold our house, but now we cannot find a new home for our crew 😦 Please keep us in your prayers!!!)

I have been vigorously writing, illustrating, and graphically designing, so I have only read a couple more chapters of The Absorbent Mind (in addition to all my real estate homework). Hopefully, though, some of these works will be published in the near future…

What are you and your crew reading this month? Have any recommendations for us? Please share your thoughts & responses below!