What are We Reading? October 2019 Edition

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Being an author, I naturally love reading. Fortunately, my husband and kiddos are avid readers as well. Here is what we are into this month:

This month, we are halfway relocated. Yay! Now we just need to sell our house, move the rest of our stuff, and resume cooking dinner at least a couple nights per week…Prayers please!!!

Due to the move, however, the kiddos and I have been voraciously reading in our new little living room/homeschool space.

My daughter’s new favorite bedtime story is Pooh’s Puzzling Plant, from Disney’s My Very First Winnie the Pooh collection. She loves the silly visits from Pooh’s neighbors and learning about how the pumpkin grows; I love how the story delivers appropriate, smart content with a collection of interesting vocabulary words. By God’s providence, this book has also perfectly dovetailed with teaching the kiddos about the fall harvest and growing plants. We are scheduled to go to a pumpkin patch later this month to round out our lesson 🙂

A Vintage Book full of Fresh Fun

My son is back in love with Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? He has now learned how to make the animal sounds and is working on naming all of the animals at the end of the book. He has also recently adopted, Goodnight Moon ABC Board Book: An Alphabet BookHe found this book at Marshall’s and would not put it down. So I had to buy it (or stay in the store indefinitely). Since then, though, he has been equally obsessed with the book and takes it all over the house for his “reading” pleasure. For this reason, I would say it was not a terrible buy (even though there are far better written alphabet books on the market). 

This is the cover that bewitched my poor toddler son!

My husband is devouring Loonshots by Safi Bahcall in his spare moments. The only trouble has been finding spare moments with two toddlers and a tiny apartment.

I am in the thick of Maria Montessori’s The Absorbent Mind, in which she discusses her views on education and children. I thought that I would gain greater insights into how to homeschool my toddlers, but one of my biggest takeaways so far is that I actually need to beware of using her methods. While her methods are widely heralded (especially for early education), the beliefs that undergird her methods are antithetical to a biblically-faithful worldview (i.e. child as the one that creates self & aspects of marxism). Stay tuned next month for more details–Lord willing!

What are you and your crew reading this month? Have any recommendations for us? Please share your thoughts & responses below!