What are We Reading? October Edition

Being an author, I naturally love reading. Fortunately, my husband and kiddos are avid readers as well. Here is what we are into this month:

On Mama’s nightstand is The Holy Spirit by Sinclair B. Ferguson. I have been frustrated by misrepresentations of the Holy Spirit in our church and wanted to learn more about the Holy Spirit according to scripture. For this reason, my husband recommended this excellent book to me. Very thorough and solidly Reformed.


My kiddos are obsessed with Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. It perfectly correlates with their curiosity about animals and our countless zoo visits this year–plus, it has liftable flaps on every page. What’s not to love?


My husband, the late night theologian, is knee deep in the Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin. He had been meaning to read this classic for a while now and finally got enough time to amble through over 900 pages of translated Calvin. I’ll let you know what he thinks about it once he makes it closer to the back cover than the front.



What are you and your crew reading this month? Have any recommendations for us? Please share your thoughts & responses below!

3 thoughts on “What are We Reading? October Edition

  1. Candice Williams says:

    Omg! I love Dear Zoo! It’s definitely a classic. I would read it to my oldest all of the time. My youngest is getting more Leveled Readers. Once Tabby gets older I recommend “Click Clack Moo”. It’s such a cute tale of farm animals who decided to go on a strike, so they begin to write letters to the farmer about issues on the farm. Have you read Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Catetpillar “Pop Up” Edition? The Pop Up Edition is multi sensory and super fun.


    • The I&G Woman says:

      Leveled Readers? Tell me more! Do you have a video talking about this? We just got our second copy of Goodnight Moon because they were a little rough on the first one’s pages. (LOL) We will have to check out The Very Hungry Caterpillar “Pop Up” Edition & Click Clack Moo soon! Thank you for the recommendations 🙂


  2. Rochelle Hunter says:

    This is very interesting… because it reminds us of the need to renew our minds, not just with the Bible. For spiritual growth adult Christians should strive to glean knowledge from the scholars and founders of mainline Christianity. This will support regular church attendance and in developing sound theological understanding.

    Love the Children’s book reference, it helps keep us young at heart, while reading to children!


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