7 ways to help your little kiddos learn how to worship on Sundays (with minimal service disruptions)

Every Sunday, my husband, kiddos, and I worship together. And Most Sundays, we receive numerous compliments after the worship service because my two, two (years old)-and-under kiddos did fabulous jobs staying quiet and/or engaged. Why are my kiddos are so well behaved? In addition to a whole lot of prayer, I think it is because of the following intentional actions that my husband and I have taken with our kiddos:

  1. Start training them as soon as possible. We started worshipping with both of our children during live-streamed worship services at home days after they each were born. They do not know that the nursery is an option.
  2. Sit strategically. Pick seats in your worship center that allow you to slip out for a poop-a-palooza or other catastrophe.
  3. Make sure everyone is clean (but not fed) when the service begins. Everyone gets a fresh diaper before we leave the house, but we distract them from eating their breakfasts until it is time for the sermon to begin.
  4. Pack good, clean snacks (anything but peanut butter goes!). I typically pack muffin pieces in my toddler’s snack cup, an extra cup of dry cereal or apple chips (to prevent mid-sermon hanger), and a nursing cover to feed my infant.
  5. Sing songs from worship throughout the week (so that they become more familiar to your children). The more familiar worship music becomes, the more comfortable your children will feel singing/clapping/dancing along.
  6. Explain (through gestures and occasional whispers) what is going on. Help them to clap to the beat; hold hands with them while praying; share your Bible with them and point to the words as you read along; help them understand what the teaching pastor is talking about if they look confused; debrief about what each family member learned during the ride home or over brunch; etc.
  7. Thank the people around you for their patience. A warm “thank you” at the end of service covers a multitude of sins 😉
My daughter's first Sunday at church
My daughter’s first Sunday at church ❤

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